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Burn Bans in the Heartland
December 13th 2017 by Dee Loflin
Burn Bans in the Heartland

Southeast Missouri - Dry conditions throughout southeast Missouri have prompted several cities and counties to issue Burn Bans!  If in doubt, don't burn until we see some significant rain!

Cape Girardeau County: Due to the combination of temperature, low humidity, dry ground covering, and the possibility of increasing winds, the Cape Girardeau County Commission issued a "no burn advisory" for Cape Girardeau County. All county residents are advised to postpone open outdoor burning until the fire danger decreases. If you are driving or working outdoors, be extremely careful to discard smoking materials. The grass along the highways is very dry and could easily ignite. Campers and hunters should be extremely careful.

Clarkton: The city of Clarkton, Missouri is under a no burn order until further notice. Anyone caught burning is subject to a fine plus court cost, according to Assistant Fire Chief Richard Blagg.

Holcomb: The Holcomb Fire Dept. has issued a burn ban until further notice. Anyone caught burning will be issued a citation according to Fire Chief Colleen Thompson. Contact authorities if you see anyone burning.

Madison County: A burn ban advisory was issued for Madison County, Missouri. Cherokee Pass Fire Chief Bill Starkey advises Madison County residents to not burn until further notice due to dry conditions and dry vegetation.

Puxico: A burn ban has been issued for the town of Puxico. Fire Chief Stacy Starnes advises residents not to burn until further notice.

Ripley County: The County Commission issued a no open burning order.

Scott City: A burn ban is in place until further notice. 

Carter County Enacted 12/11/17 Until significant rainfall

Dent County Enacted 12/12/17  Expiring in 30 days

If your city has issued a burn ban, please let the ShowMe Times know by sending an email to

When a county commission determines a burn ban is necessary, the county should also contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal by email at for confirmation that the ban is appropriate. Please include a brief description of the danger(s) or hazard(s) threatening the county and be sure to include names, phone numbers, and email addresses in the event additional information is required.

For current drought conditions click HERE.

Last Updated on December 13th 2017 by Dee Loflin

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