Friends of Keller Library Present Dinner with Don - History of Dexter
August 11th 2017 by Dee Loflin
Friends of Keller Library Present Dinner with Don - History of Dexter
Dexter, Missouri - The Friends of Keller Public Library present "Dinner with Don!" an exciting event for everyone!  Don Gard will present "The History of Dexter and Surrounding Area" on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at the Stoddard County Nutrition Center.

Tickets are $10 each and include a wonderfully prepared dinner of Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad, Dessert, and a drink!!

Stop in at Keller Public Library, Designs on You or any Friends of the Library Board Member.   Board members are Deanna Rogers, Kay Asbell, Sue Schumer, Kathleen Dover, Aaron Menley, Charla Watson, Kathy Cato and Adrienne White.

All proceeds will be used to benefit programs and services of the Keller Public Library.

The Stoddard County Nutrition Center is located at 23 West Stoddard Street in beautiful downtown Dexter.

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Bearcat Community Tailgate T-Shirts On Sale NOW!!
August 11th 2017 by Dee Loflin
Bearcat Community Tailgate T-Shirts On Sale NOW!!

Dexter, Missouri - The Dexter Bearcat Community Tailgate committee has available T-shirts for the annual tailgate event.  Proceeds will be donated to the Dexter Public Schools to help in purchasing a large blow-up tunnel to be used at school events.  

Each year the Community Tailgate donates money raised back to the Dexter Schools.  This year they have decided to sell t-shirts both short and long sleeves to help raise additional money.

Please stop by the Dexter Chamber of Commerce to place your order or call (573) 624-7458.  You can also email to info@dexterchamber.com.

Long Sleeve shirts are $15 for Adult Small to Adult 3X and short sleeve shirts are $12 for Youth Small to Adult 3X.

Deadline to order is August 30, 2017 so that shirts are available before the Tailgate!

Individuals who pre-order shirts will be called when they are available for pick-up.  Please support the Community Tailgate by purchasing a t-shirt TODAY!

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Bernie PAT August Student of the Month
August 07th 2017 by Dee Loflin
Bernie PAT August Student of the Month

Bernie, Missouri - Gracelyn Jo Oliver is Bernie's Parents as Teachers Student of the Month for August.

She will celebrate her first birthday on August 18th and is the daughter of Shane and Taylor Oliver.

Gracelyn enjoys playing catch, bath time, and spending lots of time outside.  During the family’s PAT visits, Taylor and Gracelyn most enjoy the fun activities and the new books they get to read together.  

If you would like to know more about Parents as Teachers contact Courtney McGarity or Casey Arnold at 573-293-5335, ext 293 or find them on Facebook by clicking HERE.

The following information was taken directly from the Parent as Teachers Missouri website.  For more information click HERE.

Our Vision

All children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential.

Our Mission

To provide the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

Our Values

The early years of a child's life are critical for optimal development and provide the foundation for success in school and in life.

Parents are their children's first and most influential teachers.

Established and emerging research should be the foundation of parent education and family support curricula, training, materials and services.

All young children and their families deserve the same opportunities to succeed, regardless of any demographic, geographic or economic considerations.

An understanding and appreciation of the history and traditions of diverse cultures is essential in serving families.


In 1981, Missouri pioneered the concept of helping parents embrace their important role as their child's first and best teacher. Today, Parents as Teachers continues to equip early childhood organizations and professionals with information and tools that are relevantᾢand widely applicableᾢto today's parents, families and children.

The Parents as Teachers leadership team and Board of Directors is engaged in a three-year strategic plan, which positions the organization as a valued partner to support the organizations and professionals who serve families and children, especially those most vulnerable.

The concept for Parents as Teachers was developed in the 1970s when Missouri educators noted that children were beginning kindergarten with varying levels of school readiness. Research showed that greater parent involvement is a critical link in the child's development of learning skills, including reading and writing.

Early childhood professionals suggested that a program to provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues, and parent education to help parents understand their role in encouraging their child's development from the beginning could help improve school readiness and parent involvement.

With funding from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and The Danforth Foundation, Parents as Teachers began in 1981 in Missouri as a pilot project for first-time parents of newborns. Recognizing the program's benefits and cost effectiveness, the Missouri legislature provided state funding in 1985 to implement Parents as Teachers programs in all Missouri school districts. Since 1985, Parents as Teachers has expanded to all 50 states and six other countries.

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Human Trafficking: Is It Here in Stoddard County?
August 05th 2017 by Dee Loflin
Human Trafficking: Is It Here in Stoddard County?

Stoddard County, Missouri -  Is Human Trafficking a local issue in Stoddard County and the answer is YES!  Human Trafficking is more than just a kidnapping and being sold into slavery!  If you want to learn more or want to help please come to an informational meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Living Water Worship Center in Bloomfield.

Come the entrance behind Living Water Worship Center at 18094 Highway 25.  Now is the time to get involved and learn about Human Trafficking and Exploitation with GO:61, Inc.   Southeast Missouri representative, Tish Gentry, will be on hand to discuss the new SEMO chapter of GO:61 which is based out of Springfield, Missouri.

What exactly is Human Trafficking?  it is defined by a person being used as a commodity for the gain of another person through one, two or all of the follow means:  FORCE, FRAUD, AND COERCION.  Human Trafficking is a crime against a person and within the organization of GO:61, they believe it is the worst crime against humanity.

Slavery and exploitation exist in three primary forms:  sex trafficking forced labor and domestic servitude

GO:61 is working hard to educate the public especially in the Ozarks of Missouri.  Small town and rural areas are not exempt from this crime.  Prostitution and domestic abuse frequently cloak human trafficking and the enslavement of a person is not recognized because it is given another name.

Do you know the signs of someone in need?  Do you recognize human trafficking when you are face-to-face with someone?  GO:61 can provide volunteer training, education, and offer victim services in efforts to end these horrible crimes against humanity.

Local GO:61 representative Tish Gentry spoke about her passion.  "I have always had a heart for hurting, young women,"  she said.  "I went to a conference and took a 9 week training and now I want to start a program here in our area. There are many cases of human trafficking right here in our county.  We just need to help them spiritually and be an advocate for them."

If you would like to know more about GO:61 click HERE.  Their website is GO:61.org 

You can also follow the Springfield GO:61 on Facebook. 

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Back the Blue Appreciation Day in Dexter
August 03rd 2017 by Dee Loflin
Back the Blue Appreciation Day in Dexter
Dexter, Missouri - Sue Edwards of Dexter felt it was time to celebrate our law enforcement on an annual basis by having a Back the Blue Appreciation Day on August 4th each year.  Last year she and through local donations gave appreciation certificates and hosted a free lunch at Hickory Log to Dexter Police Department, Missouri Highway Patrol in our area, and to the Stoddard County Sheriff's Department.

“I just am tired of all the negative talk about the men and women who wear the badge,” stated Edwards.  “I was sitting at the kitchen table one day and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do something for our local officers who risk their lives each day.”

Dexter’s police department is fortunate enough to have so many citizens show their appreciation throughout the year, but on August 4th this day will be set aside each year to celebrate our local police force and all they do for the citizens of Dexter.

On Friday the Dexter Police Department, the Stoddard County Sheriff’s Office, and several of our local Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers will be treated to lunch at Hickory Log at noon.

Sue Edwards is point of contact for this event and she has already received a few donations from local businesses to help promote the event.  For police officers invited, but not able to attend, gift certificates to Hickory Log will be given to them as a show of appreciation.

The Boy Scouts plan to fly the American Flags down Business US 60.  If your business has a flag, please display it August 4th.

Sue asks that everyone wear BLUE to work that day and if businesses could display BLUE ribbons to let the police know how much we support them in Dexter.

“I think about all those mothers, wives, and children who kiss their loved ones goodbye as they go off to work not knowing if they will return that evening.  It can be a very dangerous job,” commented Edwards.

An account has been established at Southern Bank in Dexter for donations.  The bank is located at 713 W. Business US Highway 60 in Dexter.  Their phone number is (573) 624-5525.  

If you would like to donate or need further information, please contact Sue Edwards at (573) 614-9266.

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